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Courses Timetable

  • 7h30 à 12H45
Opening of school timetables
  • 9h.00 à 12h00
Tiny and small Section
  • 8h30 à 12h00
for the average Section
  • 8h00 à 12h30
for the large section

Sections & programs

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In small section at Teddys Playschool, the game is most of your child's activities, but playing, he learns and progresses ...

  • Behavior: your child manages to control his impatience, waiting for his mistress meets expectations; adult to share this with other children. Not so easy for toddlers rather exclusive.
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    In small section, the language, the discovery of writing, learning group living, discover the world ... it's crazy what your child will learn to Teddys Playschool, the program comes in 5 domains of learning::

  • 1. Mobilize the oral and written language
  •

    Mémorisation de comptines et de poèmes, repérage des lettres et des syllabes, apprentissage de la vie en groupe, jeux d'équipe, observation des plantes et des petites bêtes… voici ce que votre enfant va apprendre en moyenne section. A Teddys Playschool.


    Poetry, vowel recognition, cursive writing, sense of responsibility, construction of objects in volume, environmental awareness, sculpture ... the large section Teddys Playschool program is very rich and varied..
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    discover the pleasure of learning and sets the foundation for future learning. The variety and wealth of experience allow it to enrich their understanding of the world, build their knowledge and to learn the learning areas of the primary. A Teddy's playschool organizing a class promotes the active participation of the child. The class, the school yard are places where children can observe, explore, manipulate, reflect, imagine, exercise memory, develop a project to test its capabilities and develop their motor skills. The mandate of Teddy's playschool is threefold: to make maternal rite of passage that gives a taste of the school; promote the overall development of the child in motivating them to exploit all its potential; and lay the foundations of education, particularly in social and cognitive, which will make him continue to learn throughout their lives.