Middle section

Memorizing rhymes and poems, identification of letters and syllables, group learning in life, team games, observation of plants and small animals ... this is what your child will learn in middle section. A Teddys Playschool. The middle section of the curriculum is divided into five subject areas:

  • 1. Mobilize the oral and written language
  • 2. Act, express er understand through physical activity
  • 3. Act, in speaking and through the arts (drawing, painting, music ...)
  • 4. Build the first tools to learn how to organize their thoughts (shapes and sizes, numbers ...)
  • 5. Explore the world (living world, time and space)
  • Appropriating the language

    This learning is at the heart of the mother. Your student will learn to speak the language of Molière, understand his own thoughts and those of his classmates.

  • He remembers ten rhymes and poems he speaks better and better.
  • He is able to tell the story that the teacher was read from a sequence of images.
  • It can classify words or images as a generic term.
  • During the collective exchanges, he listens to his classmates and takes his turn to speak.
  • He becomes able to tell what he did during his weekend!
  • Discover written

    Your child will discover the gestures of writing, but the sounds are connected to words ...

  • He discovered other media: picture book, catalog ...
  • When the teacher stops his story, he remembers it and can invent a sequel ... It discovers and appreciates the heritage tales.
  • It identifies some letters appearing in different words but also final syllables: cake, rake, coat.
  • It draws circles, waves, curls ... the gesture becomes more fluid. He wrote his name in capital without model!
  • And mathematics

  • In the new programs, kindergarten children will learn the number bases.