Small Section

In small section, the language, the discovery of writing, learning group living, discover the world ... it's crazy what your child will learn to Teddys Playschool, the program comes in 5 domains of learning:

  • 1. Mobilize the oral and written language
  • 2. Act, speak and understand through physical activity
  • 3. Act, in speaking and through the arts (drawing, painting, music ...)
  • 4. Build the first tools to learn how to organize their thoughts (shapes and sizes, numbers ...)
  • 5. Explore the world (living world, time and space)

Discover written

  • He learns to discover books as cultural objects.
  • He listens to stories like the Three Little Pigs or clever rabbit who will give him the taste for reading.
  • He recognizes his name in capital above the coat rack.
  • It is also able to draw lines.
  • Appropriating the language

  • He learns to relate the language rather than the body.
  • It consists of short sentences with the pronoun "I", denounced everyday objects, colors, shapes and small polite words.
  • It stores, easy formulettes.
  • It can track a target: "Circle the animals in blue ..."
  • He listens to a story in silence and answered some questions. He is already trying to rephrase ...
  • And mathematics

  • In the program, children in kindergarten will learn the number bases.