Tiny Section

In small section at Teddys Playschool, the game is most of your child's activities, but playing, he learns and progresses ...

  • Behavior: your child manages to control his impatience, waiting for his mistress meets expectations; adult to share this with other children. Not so easy for toddlers rather exclusive.
  • Battery life: he learns to cope a little better alone - up his pants after using the toilet, putting on his shoes, take a pencil ...
  • spatial recognition: it now knows the important places of the school, the classroom, the playground ... He also made his mark as regards the course of the day, including the highlights (the reception, the hour recess, the arrival of the parents ...).
  • Socialization: attending Teddys Playschool, he learns the rules of life in society, and even though it is not always easy even for him (and this can be a bit painful for a long time!), He understands that n is not alone in this school.
  • color discovery manipulate the color in all its forms is one of the goals of maternal, even in toddlers. Your child will recognize a color or two, but do not panic if this is not the case because this acquisition is very variable from one child to another (it ranges from 2 ½ to 4 years) . It also depends a lot of his training!